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AHR650 Laser Cap

AHR650 Laser Cap

Among the various forms of laser therapy available, a laser cap is one of the most effective and convenient options. It also does not have the side effects associated with prescription or OTC drugs for treating hair loss and is one of the few non-surgical options available to females.

We offer the proprietary, medical grade AHR650 Laser Cap as an option available for purchase. Simply wear it 3 times a week like a regular baseball cap for 30 minutes each time. Laser therapy is primarily intended to be a preventative measure against further hair-loss (and is extremely effective when used as prescribed), though some patients may notice some thickening and strengthening of hairs. The effect of the treatment usually begins within 3-6 months of starting.

Contact us by phone or email to speak to a consultant to determine if you are a candidate for the laser cap and to learn more about its use cases and results. We also typically document customers before and after pictures under standardized lighting conditions for review later on. Many customers find this is one of the most important and encouraging practices and enforces continued use and benefit from the product.

For further reading on the research and efficacy of laser hair therapy please click this link.


  • 272 medical-grade laser diodes (not LEDs). Get better results sooner compared to devices with less diodes.
  • FDA Cleared laser device.
  • Extended, hassle-free warranty provided by the clinic. We take care of you personally, no call-centers or overseas manufacturer to deal with.
  • Safe and effective. No side effects.
  • Hands-free and battery operated. Use around the house, the office, or even outside.
  • Available only from a participating AHR physician's office.
  • MSRP $3,000.